How You Can Help Solve a Serious WBG Problem

Need for Increased Community Involvement at WBG Now that Woodlake Pride is no longer officially managing the Woodlake Botanical Gardens, daily on site monitoring has decreased. I watched this man climb over the fence coming from the Rotary Shade Structure onto the street. He crossed the street, went into the liquor store, and before I … Continue reading How You Can Help Solve a Serious WBG Problem

How To Bring Together a Community to Support a Botanical Garden

This is what happened at our first Planning Meeting of Stakeholders for the WBG.

Thank you to all who came.

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

In our small community, Woodlake Botanical Gardens nearly became a town park.

Community meeting

Too much reliance on volunteer help, the finances of a small town, and the energy and amazing capacity of two people screeched to a halt at the end of June. Either the city had to take over the care of the gardens, or increase their spending to include paid help. The load was too much to bear alone. Too many disappointments when funds didn’t come through frazzled nerves and maybe a few tempers.

But the love of their gardens never wavered.

Agronomist for U.C. Davis and his wife, Manuel and Olga Jimenez, have given their time for the past 14 years. Modestly their donated time has been worth $2,310,000, or about $165,000 per year. That doesn’t include the donated plant materials and infrastructure.

Would the Community Step Up?

Today was the culmination of a month of planning.


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