How You Can Help Solve a Serious WBG Problem

Need for Increased Community Involvement at WBG

Now that Woodlake Pride is no longer officially managing the Woodlake Botanical Gardens, daily on site monitoring has decreased.

Drinking in the WBG

I watched this man climb over the fence coming from the Rotary Shade Structure onto the street. He crossed the street, went into the liquor store, and before I reached the park, he was back into the garden. I was not close enough to him to stop him or talk to him when I took this picture.

Manuel Jimenez would have probably approached him, once he got back to the garden, or at the fence where he climbed back over and spoken to him and told him not to come back to drink in the garden.

How Should We Respond to Men in the Park?

On another occasion, as I walked my little dog through the garden, I saw a man sitting on a bench with a plastic or paper bag next to him. I said, “Hi,” but kept walking and did not mention the bag. When I came back through, I was going to go to the restroom, but there were now three men on the bench. When I walked by, they got up and followed me. I changed my mind about going to the restroom and quickly went to my car and drove away.

Twice now I have responded in my typical style, which is going to have to change. I’m basically friendly and nonconfrontational. However, since the gardens are no longer monitored constantly, we need to adopt some new techniques when walking there.

  1. Don’t walk alone.
  2. Carry pepper spray or a walking stick.
  3. Walk during daylight hours.
  4. Call the Woodlake Police immediately when you see someone you do not think should be there. Drinking is prohibited in public places. That iconic thin brown bag around your store-bought liquor is not in any way a shield from criminal charges when you drink in public. Not only does the illusion that you might be drinking something non-alcoholic from such a bag not exist, but you can be arrested for even opening the bottle in public. Law and Daily Life.

Call the Woodlake Police If You See Vagrants

Woodlake Police (559) 564-3346

City of Woodlake (559) 564-8055

Other ideas?





2 thoughts on “How You Can Help Solve a Serious WBG Problem

  1. Perhaps you could recruit a caretaker for the garden? Is there a place someone could park a travel trailer?
    Alternatively, perhaps you could recruit some students from the junior college in Visalia that could be an onsite presence.

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    1. Fortunately the city is maintaining a lot of the park now. They won’t maintain the tropical fruit area, though. There is no space to park a travel trailer that I know of. You can contact the City of Woodlake about that, though. Some great ideas.

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